Your support is individually tailored to you whether you are suffering from an acute illness or an on-going chronic condition & will be safe to use alongside prescription medicines.  You and I will thoroughly discuss your health concerns and look at your health history and conduct physical exams: such as looking at your eyes, tongue, nails, hands, ears, feet and take your blood pressure to come up with a treatment plan designed to fit you as a whole person. Targeting the cause of your health issues rather than just suppressing the symptoms.  Your treatment plan can include expert advice on nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine, bach flowers and shiatsu.  In my practice I work as naturally as possible for you.  Herbs used are organic (when possible) and ethically sourced.  Supplements used are from companies that I trust, can easily contact and have years of clinical experience.


Modern western herbal medicine uses plant remedies based on a combination of traditional knowledge, clinical experience, understanding of medical science & scientific evidence. The aim is to treat the underlying cause of ill health with the focus on you as an individual rather than just the condition.


Provides a look into your body’s internal environment by looking at live & dry  samples of your blood, under a microscope.  This can give  valuable information on your body’s imbalances & health concerns plus  shows progress and effectiveness  of your treatment.


You will received expect advice on ways to enhance your overall wellbeing by looking at, discussing your wants plus needs to improve your diet.



Shiatsu is a holistic therapy originating from Japan thousands of years ago that is based on the meridian theory of Oriental Medicine that

can help to reduce pain, release stress & improve energy levels.

             A hands-on therapy that focuses on balancing the bodies vital life energy(ki/chi/prana)                     through the combination of deep rhythmic movements assisted stretches & the treatment                     of specific release points over the whole body-physical, emotional and energetic.                                    This stimulates the body to  regain its natural equilibrium.

       Shiatsu is calm & relaxing, but dynamic in effect as the body begins to re-adjust & heal itself.                 You the receiver are supported to become more aware of your body & mind on both a                         conscious & subconscious level.

On a physical level shiatsu has the effect of improving circulation & the flow of lymphatic fluid. Also helps to release toxins and tension in the body, plus supports the bodies autonomic nervous & hormonal systems.

As both a preventative & a form of treatment shiatsu is a refreshing way to enrich the quality of one’s life plus promote better health & happiness.

Comfortable clothing is best worn during a shiatsu treatment.



As a form of energy medicine Bach flowers can help ease daily stress, mood concerns, calm anxious feeling, improve sleep plus reduce frustrations & anger.